Below are some questions we get asked a lot.
We know its a first for you so ask away!

Hopefully these answer any questions and help make sure your vision is compatible with ours, so we can provide you with everything you want from your wedding.

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    • We have a small team of super talented and experienced wedding photographers and videographers. The team began as two in 2019 and has grown to four in 2020 to cater for our clients needs. Our packages include one photographer and one videographer. If required, we have a network of second photographers who all understand the MSC aesthetic and shooting style.

    • We prefer to offer our popular film and photography packages together. Offering this keeps our aesthetic consistent, while simplifying our client’s wedding planning process by only having to work with one vendor to tell their Love Story.

    • For videos we recommend you choose the song/s that you would like to feature in the video before any editing is started. The footage is cut to the beat of the song/s. If you’re stuck, we’re more than happy to make some suggestions.

    • To tell your Love Story we gather the best moments from your day. We don’t use voice overs because it can get in the way of retelling your story in it’s most authentic and beautiful form.

    • We only charge for travel if we have to fly or drive more than an hour out of the CBD. Contact us for more information on an exact price to your location.

    • No, unfortunately we do not. Editing is a very important part of our work. RAW images and Raw video especially is an unfinished draft. We like to think of it this way, would you ask an author for the unfinished chapters of their book? Or would you rather read the final product? We have a custom style in which we shoot and edit to make the footage and images captured as beautiful as possible, seeing this in its RAW format would not make sense.

    • A deposit of 40% is required upon booking in your wedding day with Marion St. Claire. The final 60% one month prior to the wedding date.

    • This will depend on the package that you choose. We offer various packages as every couple has a different idea of how they want their day captured. We offer approximately 700 photos and a 4-5 minute highlight film from your big day. Longer videos are also available e.g. A highlight film of the day along with a long form video that documents speeches and the ceremony. Please contact us so we can supply you with a bespoke quote for this.

    • We love to deliver a highlight selection of images a week after the wedding so you can view and share your special day right away!

    • Photos and videos will take four to six weeks depending on the time of year. We are booked every Saturday from November to April during Wedding Season, so during these busy periods the delivery may take longer.

    • We understand some things are out of your control and will work closely with you to reschedule to another date. If you change your date the deposit can be transferred to the new date pending our availability. If a full cancellation is required and a new date can’t be rescheduled, we must retain the deposit. This is because we are booked out months in advance, so we may have declined another client to secure your date.

    • Of course! Our cameras shoot with two cards, both recording the same picture and video at the same time so that we already have in-camera backups. We also make multiple backup copies on hard drives as soon as the day is done. As further insurance, the originals are left on the camera’s card while we make copies on our computer backup system.

    • Nothing beats printed photos. Beautifully designed wedding albums can also be purchased as an add on and price varies depending on client design. This is a family heirloom item to be cherished for years to come. We spend hours editing your photos in front of the computer, so it is truly rewarding when my couples order a book as I know how much they will look at it and remember all the unique moments from their special day.

    • Send us an email with any questions and we’ll get right back to you via email or zoom chat. We love to help our couples with the planning process and its super valuable to just chat it out!

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